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Cryo-EM resources

List of cryo-EM links in progress

Check out this quick intro video for single particle cryo-EM produced by the LMB

Reading list from NCCAT

A great resource for introductory material and seminal papers

EM reading list

Caltech Course by Professor Grant Jensen

Great introductory lecture series by Grant Jensen Professor of Biology at Caltech:

Also check out the website here: http://cryo-em-course.caltech.edu/

MRC LMB CryoEM Course from 2017

Here is a course from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology from 2017, featuring many of the pioneers that have been on the cutting edge of developing the latest methods in single particle analysis, including Nobel Laureate Dr. Richard Henderson :

SEMC lecture series

Check out the official Youtube channel from the National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy (NRAMM) and the Simons Electron Microscopy Center (SEMC) at the New York Structural Biology Center. Great lectures covering many exciting topics in cryoEM:









CryoEM 101

Cryo EM has emerged as a powerful tool for high-resolution structure determination.


Other resources

Interesting video on Scientific poster design. Down with the wall of text!

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